What are the causes of Anal Abscesses?

  Anal abscess is a common disease in the anal - rectal, it’s not only causes pain, irritation but also at risk of causing dangerous complications, directly affecting to patients health. Therefore, recognizing the exact cause of anal abscess will help patients prevent and detect early for timely treatment.

Causes of Anal Abscesses ?

  HengKang clinic experts said that anal abscess is a condition of the soft tissue near the anal canal is severely inflamed, after a period of time, the pus will develop and grow bigger, gradually forming abscesses.

  *** An anal abscess can have many different causes. These include:

   Because of inflammation: People with experience of hemorrhoids, anal fissure, folliculitis have a high risk of anal abscess. This is because the skin around the anus is very sensitive, you have been infected so the poor hygiene at the anus or eating habits, unreasonable activities will create conditions for attack bacteria to cause disease.

   Due to the side effects of the drug: The drugs that treat anal-rectal diseases are highly stimulating, so if patient takes an overdose that will cause the skin around the anus to be affected, long time will cause inflammation leads to anal abscess.

   Surgery side effects: if the rectum, urethra, perineal area, coccyx surgical process have errors or medical devices that are not sterile will cause inflammation, pus and create abscesses.

   Weak immune system: People with weak resistance, malnutrition, thin, pale body are easy to get diseases, one of these is an anal abscess.

   Other diseases: Diabetes, anemia, strange items in anus, lymph nodes, actinomycetes, rectal canal infection, etc. are all causes of anal abscess.

  From the above causes, you can see that if we are not pay attention to health care, it is very easy to get this disease. Therefore, patients need to pay close attention, if you have any signs of anal abscess or suspicious, you should go to prestigious medical centers and clinics for examination and treatment. Depending on the severity and condition of the disease, doctor will apply appropriate treatments.

  Accordingly, if the patient is diagnosed with a mild disease, abscess just newly formed and has not caused severe infection, doctor will prescribe antibiotics. This drug has the effect of draining pus, anti-inflammatory, swollen, preventing inflammation.

  In the case of abscesses have developed large, there is a risk of anal fissure formation, doctor will apply the abscess surgery treatment method.

  The purpose of this method is to use specialized equipment to accurately interfere with abscesses to facilitate pus drainage, to help the wound heal from inside to outside, to prevent the spread of the infection. With such advantages as causing less pain, high efficiency, quick treatment and recovery time, that experts are highly appreciated.

Note: Treatment results may vary depending on the condition of each patient. Therefore, patients need to go to a specialized clinic for a direct consultation with a doctor. Do not take any medicine unless prescribed by a doctor.

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