Vaginitis (Vaginal Infections) signs that women should know

  Vaginitis is common in women, especially are adult women and after have sex. Vaginitis might cause to fertility. Therefore, recognizing the signs of vaginitis for prevention and timely treatment is the optimal method to help women protect their health.

Vaginitis signs and symptoms can include

  According to HengKang specialists, vaginitis caused by bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections (called Candida albicans), trichomoniasis … or who use antibiotics, abortion tools, hormonal drugs don’t guarantee aseptic lead to infection.

  Vaginitis (Vaginal Infections) signs that women should know

  The genitals have bad smell

  The genitals have bad smell is a very recognizable phenomenon of vaginitis due to changes in the nature of the discharges. Discharge have smell depending on many different causes of inflammation:

    Vaginal discharge smells fishy, the cause of vaginitis can come from harmful bacteria.

   Foul-smelling discharge is caused by an infection when harmful bacteria enter the vagina and overflow into the uterus leading to pelvic inflammation.

   Vaginal odor is caused by the fungus candida develop in vagina,…

  Experts say that when the genital odor is a sign of vaginitis and the smell gets worse after sex, you need to see a doctor for a timely examination.

  ++  Vaginal discharge changes color

  Bacterial vaginosis you might develop a grayish-white, foul-smelling discharge. Trichomoniasis (trik-o-moe-NIE-uh-sis) can cause a greenish-yellow, sometimes frothy discharge, sometimes included pus and blood.

  Yeast infection the main symptom is itching, but you might have a white, thick discharge that resembles cottage cheese.

  ++ Too much vaginal discharge

  Vaginal discharge may occur throughout your menstrual cycle. However, this is also a manifestation of vaginitis accompanied by changing color or weird smells.

  ++ Painful urination or pain during intercourse

  Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina that can result in discharge, itching and pain. It burns when you pee. Do not confuse this symptom with urinary tract inflammation.

  ++ Vaginitis symptoms may include vaginal itching.

  Infection symptoms can range from mild to moderate, and include: itching and irritation in the vagina and vulva like you get bitten by insects, itchy all day.

  ++ Vaginal bleeding

  Abnormal vaginal bleeding might a manifestation of vaginitis. But it also has many possible causes: pregnancy, uterus tumours, hormonal imbalance, infection or other sexually transmitted infection.

  According to HengKang experts, most common causes of vaginitis are treatable if detected early. Conversely, if late detection can affect the reproductive health and highly infertility.

  Dear friends, these are information about signs of vaginitis above, if you have questions or want to find out more information about this inflammation, please contact us by click on the consulting board below. We are always ready here to help.

Note: Treatment results may vary depending on the condition of each patient. Therefore, patients need to go to a specialized clinic for a direct consultation with a doctor. Do not take any medicine unless prescribed by a doctor.

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