The signs that you know you are suffering from anal abscess

  Anal abscess is a common disease in the anal area, anyone can get it, any of gender, ages. The disease not only causes nuisance and discomfort in daily life, it also leads to dangerous complications if not treated promptly. Therefore, recognizing the symptoms will help patients to treat early, keep away the diseases quickly.

  So what are the signs of anal abscess, to know more, please follow us to the article below.

Some signs that you are suffering from anal abscess

  HengKang clinic experts said that anal abscess is a condition in which soft tissue around the anal canal is inflamed, after a time, the pus will develop, which is called abscess.

  Accordingly, when infected with anal abscess, this may appears the following signs:

   Pain in the anus area: This is the first and typical sign of this disease. Accordingly, patient will feel pain in the anal area during bowel movement, walking, standing or sitting. In case the abscess has developed large, serious infection, the pain can last for many hours, causing extremely painful, uncomfortable.

   Yellow pus: The enlarged anal abscess will cause pus to flow out, accompanied by stench.

   Causing itching: Long-term discharge will cause the skin in the anal area to be strongly irritated, make patients very itchy and uncomfortable.

   Skin discoloration: This phenomenon is caused by pustules that contain pus inside cause to the tissue cells going to die. When a lot of pus comes out, the skin will stretch, causing the skin to change to dark or black. On the other hand, if there is an impact from the outside or the patient accidentally touches it will feel painful.

   The appearance of stretches lumps: Accordingly, patients may also notice signs when using the hand to touch the bottom of the anal area. If you notice a slightly stiff lump, you probably have it.

   Body breakdown: everyone who are suffering from this disease always feel tired, uncomfortable, fever sometimes, mental discomfort, can't even focus on studying and working.

  Anal abscesses if not detected and treated promptly will cause to complications such as infection, anal injury, leading to anus fistula, even causing anal cancer, adversely affecting to health as well as daily life.

  Therefore, when seeing the above signs, patients quickly go to prestigious medical centers and clinics for timely examination and treatment. Depending on the severity and condition of the disease, doctor will apply appropriate treatments.

  If the abscess is just newly formed, doctor will treat by antibiotic but if the abscess has developed large, there is a risk of anal fistula, then it is compulsory to use abscess surgery. The purpose of this method is to intervene in the wound that easily drains pus, which makes the wound heal from inside to outside, prevent spread.

Note: Treatment results may vary depending on the condition of each patient. Therefore, patients need to go to a specialized clinic for a direct consultation with a doctor. Do not take any medicine unless prescribed by a doctor.

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