How many methods to cure syphilis?

  Symptoms caused by syphilis are always the obsession of those who unfortunately suffer from this disease. It is associated with genital warts, and gonorrhea is considered to be the most dangerous sexually transmitted disease, which can lead to incalculable complications if not treated promptly. Therefore, finding safe and effective treatments is always a desire of many people. So are there any methods to treat syphilis?

What treatments are available for syphilis?

  HengKang Clinic specialists said syphilis is a dangerous and highly contagious sexually transmitted disease, but it can be cured if it is detected early and treated right from the beginning.

  Until now, antibiotics are still the first choice in the treatment of syphilis without complications. Accordingly, a dose of injections can kill all the syphilis strains if treated early. However, for cases of severe disease changes, the drug only works to prevent the development of the disease.

  Therefore, when you see any abnormal signs in your body such as: the appearance of scabrous patches, skin sores or red rashes accompanied by symptoms of fatigue, mild fever, sore throat, weight loss, ... then patients quickly go to prestigious medical clinics for examination and check because this is most likely the first symptoms of syphilis.

  Accordingly, in case patient has syphilis at an early stage, doctor may treat it by injecting or giving medicine.

  In the case of late stage syphilis: At this time, the syphilis has been deeply ingrained in the blood, so the treatment is very difficult, however, doctor still prescribes high-dose continuous medication to prevent complications .

   Note: If you are pregnant, but unfortunately you get the disease, you should consult your doctor carefully before treatment, don’t try any home remedies or over-the counter drugs to avoid possible complications, and affect fetal health.

  In addition, to ensure the effective treatment of syphilis with antibiotics, patients should note some of the following factors:

   Keep up with the doctor's instructions, avoid quitting when the disease has not fully recovered.

   After injecting antibiotics, patients need to have blood tests and regular visits, make sure that this medicine is suitable for their condition, does not affect their health and does not cause side effects.

   No sexual intercourse until the disease is completely cured to prevent transmission to your partner.

   Do not share personal items with family members to limit transmission to them or reverse infection.

  HengKang clinic has long been a prestigious and quality clinics for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, especially syphilis. With a team of experienced and skilled physicians and the support of modern equipment, it is sure to bring high efficiency in the treatment process so patients are completely assured when coming here.

  In addition, with the desire to build trust in the long term, our staff always try our best, trying to improve from the examination process to the quality of treatment, to help patients feel most comfortable when treating here.

Note: Treatment results may vary depending on the condition of each patient. Therefore, patients need to go to a specialized clinic for a direct consultation with a doctor. Do not take any medicine unless prescribed by a doctor.

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